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GLAS Farm Scheme

( new scheme for farmers )

GLAS : Green, Low-Carbon, Agri-Environment Scheme

GLAS is the new agri-environment scheme. 

Kelly's Nursery Ltd is an approved supplier under the Forest Reproductive Material Directive for the new GLAS scheme for supplying native Irish trees and hedging.

The scheme is green as it preserves our traditional hay meadows and low-input pastures; low-carbon as it retains the carbon stocks in soil through margins, habitat preservation and practices such as minimum tillage; and, agri-environment as it promotes agricultural actions, which introduce or continue to apply agricultural production methods compatible with the protection of the environment, water quality, the landscape and its features, endangered species of flora and fauna and climate change mitigation.

GLAS will be a 5-year scheme with a maximum payment of €5,000 annually for up to 50,000 farmers with a expectation that 30,000 will be accepted in the first year.

Please click here for our list of hedging and broadleaf plants that we have available.xlsx

For further details of the GLAS scheme see DAFM website at


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